Crocs fresh looks for spring

I’m one of the people who used to say that Crocs™ were meant for kids.  I thought they were plastic shoes that were just plain ugly.  Besides, who wants to wear shoes that make your feet sweat?

Well, about 6 months ago I relented and purchased a pair of “nurse” Crocs™ to do my Once a Month Cooking in.  Spending 8 hours or so on my feet on a laminate floor was making my back and feet ache.  I researched different options and decided on the shoes. At just over $40 they were much cheaper than a Gel-pro anti-kitchen fatigue mat, and unlike a mat, I didn’t have to plan my movements to keep me on it.  With the shoes I could go anywhere comfortably.  So I ordered a pair of pink ones and anxiously awaited them.

When they arrived, I was stunned by how light they were.  Literally just a few ounces.  And they were comfortable – like waking on marshmallows without the stickiness.  Yes, they were kinda ugly and clunky, but since I only wore them around the house and in the yard, I didn’t think much of it.  I’m no style maven and certainly not a style snob.  At nearly 50, I learned long ago to go for comfort, not looks.  Still, it’s not easy to match a pair of bubble gum pink shoes to anything in my wardrobe, so they remained my home shoes.

My new blue Croc Band Flats in baby blue with blue and white accents

My new blue Croc Band Flats in baby blue with blue and white accents

I do have a problem with the brown shoes, the snap will not stay in place, so I put them on with the strap to the back instead of over the foot.  It’s the only way I could keep the strap attached.  I’ll have to figure out how to get that one shoe fixed.

I read online that I can take it to a Croc’s Mall Kiosk for a replacement. Since I go to the mall about once every six months, it may be awhile before I get to wear them. But I have to say, they’re more comfortable than my $80 Clarks of England sandals!  I’m not ready to convert totally, but it’s nice having a choice.

My brown sandal Crocs with the strap on backwards

Crocs Cleo II women's sandals - good looking and comfortable!

Here’s how the Cleo II’s are supposed to be worn.

Special thanks to Crocs™ and their representative Colleen,  for not one but two pairs of shoes – what a nice surprise!  And for letting me test drive their shoes for 50 and over club.  Now I dare someone to say something about Crocs™ not being for adults – they’re fabulous!  Now I’m totally sold on this reasonably priced and very attractive shoes!