I wasn’t really affected much by Elizabeth Taylors death other than acknowledging the sadness for the family, friends, and fans when anyone famous passes away.  I’ve not seen any of her movies and wasn’t a fan.  That is until today, and for the strangest reason….I saw a nude photo of her and it reminded me how beautiful a real, natural woman is.

According to the Daily Mail Online, the photo is held by a private collector who released it after her death.  It’s said to be the first time the photo has been shown publicly. The Mail goes on to say that the picture was taken by actor and photography Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes) when he persuaded her to pose naked, promising her it’d be done tastefully. She gave the photo to her third husband, Michael Todd as a present after he proposed in 1956.

I love that she’s photographed, in her heyday at age 24, and she’s not stick thin, has not been photoshopped into a skeleton, and she’s got nice, natural breasts.  I can only hope that Hollywood, and the world, will see that beauty doesn’t have to mean a size 0 starving herself to stay there. Or worse, suffering from eating disorders to maintain her status in Hollywood.

Liz was known for her beauty in life and I’m hoping that in death, this last photo of her will leave a legacy of true outward beauty as well.  She was a stunning woman who had many loves in her life.

What do you think of the newly released photo?

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