Official WordPress LogoWordPress blogs are probably the easiest way to blog, offer some ofย  the best-looking web templates out there, and have SEO advantages over other blogging platforms. If you’re already using WordPress, you may not be taking full advantage of all the the tools available – given away for free – unless you’re familiar with the thousands of WordPress plugins.

WordPress Plugins allow you to take full control of your blog as well as your visitor’s experience. These Plugins help you make something that already works, work better. We’ve chosen the most functional and user-friendly Plugins from 2011, assembled them here for you to learn about, and possible find a way to apply them to your web presence. These will work for you regardless of whether you are blogging, looking to monetize, or simply having fun. Using Plugins in different areas on your site can make it more functional and allow your visitors a pleasant web experience.

All of these can be installed through the WordPress control panel.ย  Choose Plugins and then Add New.ย  Type the name of the plugin as shown here and install.ย  WorldPress has made it amazingly easy to install, control, uninstall, and delete plugins.

Our Top Ten WordPress Plug-ins for 2011:


If your main mode of socializing is by tweeting, this Plugin was designed for you. After installing this Plugin, a box will appear above each post that will allow users to tweet about your post. It also counts and displays how many times that particular post has been tweeted.

TweetMeme Screenshot

Wordpress Plugin Scribe LogoScribe SEO

All of the Plugins we’ve chosen are free except this one, but we added it because it works. Scribe, will improve search engine optimization (SEO) on your website by analyzing keyword density as well as suggesting new keywords and helping you with link building.

RB Internal Links

Using this Plugin will improve your SEO while encouraging your readers to view pages you have on your blog. RBIL also allows you to search your archive posts by keyword, category, or page.

Podcasting Plugin

If you would like to play audio files on your site, Podcasts, thank people for visiting, or even do an audio blog, install this Plugin and start uploading audio files. You will simply be amazed with all the different things you can do with audio.

Google Analytics

Have you been thinking about incorporating Google Analytics with your blog? If you are concerned with important metrics, bounce rate, average stay, or tracking blog traffic, this Plugin should be installed right away.


This is a very neat little Plugin that allows users to link back to their blog from a comment left on a blog post. This does two things, it encourages user interaction and participation, and you give your commenters important DoFollow status which gives them link love in Google’s eyes.

Clicky and Click Statistics for WordPress

This Plugin is similar to Google Analytics, just easier to use. Unlike GA, you can look in on your visitors in real time, see exactly what they are doing and where they are going.

Broken Link Checker

Checking your site for broken links is a very important task and most people don’t bother. If you have broken links, the Google Bots will not visit for long. Use this simple but effective link checking Plugin that will display issues with links on your site right on your WP dashboard.

Blog Metrics

Once installed, it sits right in your dashboard showing all the helpful blog metrics. This allows you to track your blogs progress.

WordPress Plugin Blog Metrics Logo

All in One SEO Pack

Search engine optimization is important for any blog or website. If you use it correctly, your blog will be found on the internet thus providing relevant targeted traffic. This is every blog owners dream and should not be over looked.

We use most of these plugins on this blog and can’t imagine life without them. What’s your must have WordPress Plugin?


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