Weight Watchers online has been working very well for me, even though I’ve been very bad about tracking my food and I haven’t exercised at all for almost two weeks.  First because I went to Disney World (with FREE gourmet food – I was as good as someone in that situation could be ;-),  and when I returned I was sick (I’m just now getting over it).  Still, I think I’m doing great and in 7 weeks I’ve lost 16 pounds!

I think today or tomorrow I’ll feel well enough to start exercising again and I’ve promised myself I’m going to start tracking my food again, but I’ve done well because I’ve managed some simple things to help me that don’t require thinking.  The first is keeping my fridge stocked with washed and ready-to-eat carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, celery, grapes, watermelon, and more.  Having them cut up and ready to go means when I’m grazing in the refrigerator they’re the first thing I see.  Secondly, I’ve cut out most drinks except water (I pulled out the trusty Britta filtered water pitcher).  I do drink low-fat chocolate soy milk once or twice a day and it’s amazingly filling.

Weight Watchers Weekly weigh-in results

Week of      Loss/Gain     Notes
April 1            -2.8
March 25      -3.4
March 18        +.2       Week at WDW & got a digital scale 🙂
March 11          -3
March 4             0        Figured out I was on the WW maintenance plan, not losing weight plan. Fixed it
Feb 25              -3
Feb 18              -2


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