I’ve been using StumbleUpon a lot lately, and even thought I thought I was protected, I’ve found out the hard way that  it’s a great way to get viruses and trojans.  Luckily, I found Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Software now to help protect me from rogue trojans, viruses, and malware.

Malwarebytes is a site dedicated to fighting malware. Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer. When your computer becomes infected, Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection and restore the machine back to optimum performance.

Fake Antivirus Software is actually a virus attack

Fake Antivirus Software is actually a virus attack

In the last two weeks I’ve gotten two viruses on my computer. This is frustrating because I have McAfee Total Protection running on all of my machines. Sadly, while it catches many of the bad sites, it doesn’t catch them all, nor does it block all of the viruses.  The first time I got the Windows Antivirus Virus. The second time the Vista Antivirus virus. They both work the same – they pop-up what appears to be a legit virus checker and start “scanning” your machine. They identify all kinds of problems and block all legitimate programs.

The first time I had to pay McAfee $80 to clear it. The process was easy – they logged into my computer (with my permission and while I watched) and cleaned the virus.  While the service was great, it ticked me off that I had to pay them to clear a problem they should have blocked in the first place.  When it happened the second time I decided to find a DIY way to clear it and I fell upon Malwarebytes.

To clear the Vista Anti-virus virus, I first had to access my computer’s control panel (one of the few things the rouge would allow me to do).  I used the “Repair Windows Using System Restore” program to go back a few days to where my computer was working fine.  When that finished and the computer restarted, I went to the Malwarebytes site and downloaded the free software.

Downloading and installing the software was easy and the program took over 2 hours to scan my machine. It found 4 trojans.  Again, frustrating because I pay McAfee to keep me from getting them and additionally, McAfee scans did not find them.  Malwarebytes removed the problem files and all is fine so far.  I did upgrade to their paid subscription ($24.95 + $5.95 for the extended download option – a coupon I found online) which is supposed to be proactive and keep me from getting them in the first place.

So far it’s working. As I Stumble the two programs are working together to prevent me from getting infected. But I have to say, I’m stunned at how many of the Stumble Upon sites are infected.  I have to wonder how other users are faring!  Please, if you Stumble, download the free version of Malwarebytes and run an additional checker or you’re opening up yourself to some nasty viruses.

Download the free software and scan your computer, asap! Good luck!

BTW, I realize this was filed on April Fools’ Day, sadly, this was no April Fool 🙁