Fox‘s “Mobbed”, hosted by Howie Mandel aired last night for the first time, and it looks like a hit! An average of 11.189 million viewers checked out the one hour special.  If you missed it, the first episode of “Mobbed” is available online until 6/14/2011.

UPDATE:  Fox has ordered Howie Mandel’s Mobbed reality special to series with an eight-episode pickup!

This fun and fresh shows is a flash mob combined with hidden cameras and the result is a lot of fun.  The hour was spent showing the prep for the event, rehearsals of the hundreds of strangers, and they build up to the final event The reveals in this show was a marriage proposal that ended in a wedding.  Yes, I cried. I loved it.  I think it’s every girls’ dream to wake up in the middle of a movie dance scene.

I love that Howie comes through in this show.  I’ve seen his stand-up and he’s phenomenal.  That definitely wasn’t translated into Deal or No Deal.  In this show he connects with the contestants on a natural and human level and he’s charming and funny, exactly the way I remember him.

Fox's Mobbed with Howie Mandel

So, it looks like this one hour special is being picked up as they’re advertising on their website for new people to participate.  Think you have  a great idea and want to get on “Mobbed?”  If you have a secret to share or a life-changing announcement contact them at [email protected]

MOBBED is produced by Alevy Productions and Angel City Factory. Howie Mandel, Chris Cowan, Jean-Michel Michenaud, Mike Marks, Darryl Trell, Howard Kitrosser, Kevin Healey and Michael Rotenberg serve as executive producers. It is based on a format created by Mandel, Trell and Kitrosser.


  • Howie Mandel Hosts “Mobbed” on Fox March 31 (