Are we becoming a world of logged-in people instead of real life people? I suggest we implement a Technology-Free Tuesday to regain balance. What got me to this point? Check out the statistics in this cool Infographic…it’s eye-opening and a little frightening at the same time.

Facebook Infographic from Jean-Jacques Parys on Vimeo.

It’s almost scary how many people are logging in to Facebook daily and how far reaching it is. Sure, I like to connect with others and since I’m in the unique position of working from home and being an empty nester with a husband who works 24-hr shifts, I do spend a huge amount of time on social media.  But I have to wonder how much of real life we’re all ignoring or refusing to participate in because we’re tied to our computers.

First, to regain an hour of your day, quit Facebook. Such a simple thing to do, but that adds up to 30 hours a month. It reminds me of something Chris Brogan said during his talk at the Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration last week.  He said that he’s always surprised when someone tweets all day long all of the TV shows they’re watching, but they can’t understand why their blog isn’t more popular.  Unless you blog about TV, turn it off and concentrate on what you’re doing to be really effective.

Limited time playing games is fine - finding balance is the trick

Obesity is rising and not just in the US.  Can it be tied to the hours of online gaming (thankfully something I’ve never been attracted to) and even more chatting, uploading photos, and more?  Those hours seem to rise yearly and I’m shocked at the amount of time people play games on Facebook. I had to turn off the game notifications because some people play them for 8 hours or more.  Unbelievable! I searched for “family games” in a popular stock photo website and the first 10 pages of photos were families sitting on the couch with video game controllers in their hands.  That’s sad!

The photo statics where were staggering in the presentation.  Will this be the most documented generation of our time?  Do we need all these photos?  Are we missing the event because we’re so intent on saving it to film?  When my children were small we stopped obsessing about filming/photographing everything and just participated.  No, we don’t have photos of every event, but we have some for most of the major events, and we have wonderful memories of being fully there and not behind a camera of the rest.  Try to find a balance.

“No regrets and no anticipation, just this moment fresh and as is.” – Deepak Chopra

I do believe there’s power in Social Media. For businesses it’s almost a necessity.  But for the rest of us, perhaps we should do a daily check of ourselves and ask the tough questions…are we substituting online interaction with real life connections? Are we searching online for people to fill a need?  Why aren’t we filling that need locally? Virtual hugs and support are wonderful and I know to many they are very real, but being touched, hugged, and held in person is very important as well.  I know I need to reach out locally and find a support here beyond my family.  It’s so much easier online where you can vet someone by reading their stream and deciding if they fit your criteria for a friend. It’s much harder in real life where you don’t have that capability and you have to do it the old fashioned way  – by talking, interacting, and getting to know each other.

“The quality of the present moment is all that matters Make it joyous.” – Deepak Chopra

Want to give your child the best toy ever? It's YOU!

So, I challenge everyone to add a Meatless Monday and Technology-free Tuesday to your calendar. Especially if you have kids.  Make it a night where there’s no TV, phones, etc., and reconnect.  Cook together, read, play a game, dance, bicycle. It doesn’t matter what you do and you don’t need a family to do it.  Just disconnect and reconnect with your community. My goal is to find a local volunteer position. It will reconnect me with my community and I’ll be doing something good for others or the environment.

Tuesday doesn’t work for you or your family? No problem.  Pick a day (or three) and set it aside.  Not sure you’re ready to disconnect?  Don’t worry, baby steps, and there’s always Margarita Thursday to look forward to 🙂


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