Sita and her Cubs - Disney's African Cats - Earth Day 2011

Sita and her Cubs – Disney’s African Cats – Earth Day 2011

Disney’s “African Cats” Movie – Meet the Cast!

Disney’s “African Cats” debuts on Earth Day (4/22/2011) in theaters, but you can meet the cast now! This fabulous Disney film is sure to be a hit.


SITA is a tough, beautiful adult cheetah. She’s a single mom and fiercely protective of her newborn cubs. She must work to feed her brood by hunting while keeping them safe from attack by lions, hyenas and adult male cheetahs. She travels for miles in search of her prey and returns at dusk to nurse her cubs. Sita will eventually have to lead them from the den where they’re safe and out on a perilous journey across Kali’s land in search of food.

SITA’S CUBS are sweet and playful and blissfully unaware of the danger that surrounds them. As they grow and learn from their fearless mother, though standing up to an adult cheetah isn’t necessarily a good idea.

FANG is the leader of the River Pride. He may be the lord of the River Pride, but Kali and his sons are waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal his throne. It’s the lionesses who surround him that give the pride its real strength. Embattled and bruised, Fang counts on his feisty team to take care of the hunting and often relies on them when the pride is threatened. But despite the lionesses’ willingness to step up to the plate, Fang’s weakness puts the pride at risk.

Kali and sons - Disney's African Cats - Earth Day 2011

Kali and sons – Disney’s African Cats – Earth Day 2011

KALI is a powerful and combative lion, the leader of the group of lions north of the river. He and his sons have grown tired of living in the margins of lion society; they call on the River Pride again and again to test Fang’s strength with hopes of one day gaining control of the pride. Mara, Layla and Sita will all be tested by Kali and will need to stand up to him to protect their families.

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