LaTanya, Marge, Connie and Alex

LaTanya, Marge, Connie and Alex

So I’m back from my trip to Walt Disney World. I had a mostly fabulous time, but because I didn’t stay on my Weight Watcher’s plan I suffered some set backs.  First because of a red-eye flight from Seattle to Orlando, something I’ll never do again, my eating was completely off.  I did find healthier alternatives at the Atlanta and Seattle airports which was nice, but I ate a toasted bagel with egg and cheese at Atlanta and unfortunately, it didn’t sit well with me.

By the time we reached Orlando, I wasn’t feeling well and between being overly tired from lack of sleep and eating the greasy bagel, I was to sick too attend the afternoon and evening events.  I was bummed! They were two events I really wanted to attend – the first the Disney Wedding Pavilion and the second was dinner on the beach. Darn it! I suppose it’s possible I picked up a flu bug, as by the time I got home I’d collected a cold bug as well, but I’m blaming it on the bagel so I won’t do that again.

I did eat much of the food I’d brought along (read: Disney Travel Tips – How I Save Money On Food at Disneyland and Walt Disney World)  and supplemented it with fruit and vegetables from Gasparilla’s Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian where I was staying. I also enjoyed a grilled cheese or two, actually off the kids menu, that came with fruit and vegetables as well.  I did great when I controlled my meals, but those that were part of the conference I was at the mercy of what they served.  I did my best at selecting food from what was available that was first vegetarian and then lower in calories.  Where I COMPLETELY failed was the desert bar at two of the meals.  Yep, not only did I eat one dessert, I ate several, and they were awesome!

We moved the last night to a mid-range hotel, the French Quarter at Port Orleans. The healthy choices were fewer there and the restaurants weren’t open 24 hrs like the Grand Floridian quick-service restaurant. There’s definitely a difference in the quality of food between the two.

Did I gain? Yes.  How much? I’m not completely sure.  I received the new scale I ordered before I left and it said I gained 6 pounds.  Now that’s nearly impossible because even I can’t eat 21,000 calories in 5 days (3500 calories = 1 pd).  Puzzled, I pulled out the old scale and sure enough, according to it I gained 3 pounds.  Still, not happy with a 3 lb gain, I checked the scales with a 5lb bag of flour and the new scale is right.  So I went back and reset all of my weigh ins by adding 3 pounds to each. That sucked! 🙂

I know some of the 3 lb gain is water weight. I don’t handle heat well and my feet were hugely swollen by the time I left.  After a few hours today I’d lost a pound. That soon after the first weigh in, it has to be water weight.  I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ve got just a 1lb or even better, no pound gain! 🙂  Heck, I walked so much I got a blister on my foot!  But I did spend the first day in bed, so a gain is to be expected.

I’m right back on plan today and while I was gone I also received a new piece of equipment to try out. As soon as this cold is gone I’ll be checking it out and sharing it with you.

So, Disney was completely doable in a healthy manner, I just didn’t always do it. 🙂


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