René Syler, the author of the Good-Enough Mother: The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting and blogger at,  is probably better known for her time as a news anchor at CBS NewsThe Early Show from 2002 to 2006. I had the opportunity to hear her speak recently at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World.

René  shared with us that in 2006 she lost her job and both her breast to preventive mastectomies (both her mother and father had breast cancer) within days. Getting fired and dealing with the mastectomies put her in bed for months with the feeling of not knowing who she was. She credits her family and her dog for getting her through the hard time as well as her social media family.
Don’t worry what everybody else is saying. You live your life and they can live theirs.”- Rene Syler
Rene said she’s found her passion is social media and it’s the new media, not television. This was received very well by the men and women in the crowd! She now blogs at Good Enough Mother with the help of two Richards – both with fabulous backgrounds in TV (sorry, I missed all of the details) – but they work in tandem to put out the site as we see it now.  The Richards do the technical aspects of the blog as well as the calendar.  One of the Richard’s sells quality WP plug-ins at – many are used on Rene’s site and can be purchased.
Richard, Rene, and Richard of
Rene’s purpose at Good Enough Mother is to remind people that perfection is not attainable.  Learn to appreciate what you can do and remove the people from your life that make you feel as though you’re not enough.
You will not grow when you’re comfortable, and you will not be comfortable when you’re growing.” – Rene Syler

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Disclosure: I’attended the Disney Social Media event at WDW – I was not compensated for my time and I paid for my own travel and conference, but the conference is at a reduced rate.