I didn’t post on Friday because it just feels weird celebrating losing weight while so many are suffering. But then I realized that every day people are starving all over the world and here I am, trying to lose weight.  It feels so wrong, but it is what it is.  I am doubling my Kiva efforts and donating to Doctors Without Borders for Japan.  Still, none of that will change the fact that I need to lose weight.  But it does help when I’m hungry to remember that I have a choice about it and millions don’t.

So, thankfully even after staying up way too many hours watching and worrying about Japan, and nearly using for food to deal with the anxiety, I made the choice to deal with it differently. I went online and blogged and talked to friends to deal with the anxiety.  I’m actually very proud of myself.  In addition, it’s been four weeks and I’m still journaling every  piece of food that goes into my mouth and I’m not gone over my daily points, nor converted exercise points to food points, nor used the weekly allotment of points as of yet.  For me, that’s huge.

Sure, I wish I’d lost more weight before the Disney Social Media Mom’s event this week. I’ve managed to lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained over this last year, so I’m the same size I was at last years’ event. But heck, I’m still me no matter what my size, and anyone who can’t see past my weight, isn’t someone I want to get to know anyway.

So, here’s my weekly weigh in – week 4, less three pounds for a total of 10 pounds in 4 weeks. Sure, my first time on Weight Watchers I lost 6 pounds the first week and 10 by the second, but I didn’t keep it off that time.  This time I’m hoping for forever.

Week 4 Weight Watchers Weight Loss Results

Week 4 Weight Watchers Weight Loss Results

Weight Watchers PointsPlus Results for the week

Weight Watchers PointsPlus Results

This week at Walt Disney World will be interesting. For the days I have control over what I eat I’m ready to find fresh fruits and vegetables – they’re readily available all over the World.  But the days I don’t have control will be interesting.  I’m going to buy some vegetables and a banana to have on hand just in case. (My Plan For Staying On My Eating Plan at WDW).

Thanks for going on this weight loss journey with me. I still need to share my exercise bike with you – it’s fabulous.  And my self-hypnosis weight loss CDs that I credit with a lot of my success.


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