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It’s been a hard week. My aunt has yet to leave town and she’s lingering longer and longer every month.  At my age, she’ll stop coming at all, soon, and I can’t wait.  Losing 5-7 days a month to her and the migraines she causes sucks.  Add to that the gray and dreary weather we’re having and the hubby working, and I’m just a little blue.  Still, I stayed withing my points, so I’ll take that as a plus, but I haven’t started exercising again yet.  I plan on it tomorrow.

One week from tomorrow I”ll be leaving for Walt Disney World. I can’t wait for some sunshine!  I have done a little research on the food at WDW and found that they have very little organic available.  That’s a shame.  They’ve added fresh fruit and vegetables and made them readily available.  Going organic would be the next step.  What’s also disheartening is they will not provide nutritional information for any of their food items.  For me it means possibly eating something that’s not truly vegetarian.  Sadly, many servers don’t know all of the ingredients that make up a dish, or make assumptions about ingredients that are incorrect.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked for a sandwich sans meat and received it with bacon on it. Yep, for some bacon isn’t meat.  Go figure.  Worse is when you point it out they take it back to the kitchen and return it without the bacon, but one look at the inside of the sandwich shows they just pulled the bacon off.  Uh, I could have done that! But I asked for meat-free.  Still other times they suggest the soup until I ask if chicken or beef stock was used.  They rarely know and have to ask and sure enough, that “vegetable” soup is not vegetarian because of the stock they used.

My choice not to eat meat is a personal choice and I won’t die or be harmed by eating something identified incorrectly. I’ll just be grossed out.  I feel sorry for people with allergies.  I can’t imagine how tough it must be to get a firm confirmation about what is and isn’t in a dish.

I will be taking along my favorite organic peanut butter cracker sandwiches (if Amazon gets them here on time!) and some organic nuts on my trip and into the parks.  I want to be sure to have things I can eat on hand since I went to the same conference last year and at a few of the meals there were no vegetarian options.  Yes, I did let them know ahead of time, and I know I’m not the only disappointed and hungry vegetarian.  They even ruined the mac and cheese by putting pork belly in it.  Nothing was safe! 🙂

Food aspects aside, I can’t wait to head south and I may not come back once my face hits the sunshine!

PointsPlus™ Tracker entries Monday, March 07, 2011

1  large organic  banana
1  Organic hard boiled egg
1  cup organic Soy Milk Light chocolate
Subtotal 5
1/2 cup organic Carrots
2  servings (yep 12″, I NEVER eat 12″, but I did today) Subway Cheese Sandwich on Italian Cheese Bread
Subtotal 17
1/3 cup Red Raspberries
1  container Organic vanilla bean blended low fat yogurt
Subtotal 4
1  large organic banana
2 1/3 serving  Pure Fun Organic Candy Assorted Citrus Slices
3/4 serving Adams Organic Creamy Peanut Butter
1  cup organic celery
1  Organic hard boiled egg
Subtotal 10
Food PointsPlus values total used 36
Food PointsPlus values remaining 4
No entries for activity.
Activity PointsPlus values earned 0
Check off these important items daily:
Liquids Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & vegetables Multivitamin/Mineral
Healthy Oil Activity

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