Mobbed on Fox with Howie Mandel premiers March 31, 2011Howie Mandel, comedian, actor, and host of “Deal or No Deal” fame, moves to Fox this March to host a special hidden-camera type show called “Mobbed“.  The concept is to get thousands of strangers to help special guests plan an extraordinary surprise for someone special.  It’s Flash Mob meets Hidden Camera.

The planned surprises include a wife telling her husband they’re pregnant, an applicant finding out she got the job, and of course, a marriage proposal. The suspense comes in when we wait for the reaction from the surprised participant.

I’ve seen Howie do stand up and he’s phenomenal. Nothing like his “Deal or No Deal” persona.  If FOX lets some of the stand-up Howie show up for this show, I’d expect it to be great.  Unfortunately, I suspect that this is going to be the “Deal or No Deal” Howie and it will fall flat.

The hour-long show will show the guest prepping for the event and rehearsing the routines and refining their speeches. Along the way, they’re guided by Mandel.

The new unscripted special MOBBED premieres THU MAR 31 at 9/8c right after American Idol. The rumor is that if it does well it will become a series.  I say if they haven’t released a video trailer yet, which they haven’t, they’re having some trouble getting the show together.  We have to wait and see if this is a hit or a miss.