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Yikes!  Because of migraines I’m days behind on posting my food logs. I didn’t have anything new or interesting and I didn’t exercise two of the days.  PMS has become a huge issue for me as I get closer to menopause and it pretty much wipes me out for a few days. I’m usually ravenous this week and eat a lot of chocolate, but I stayed withing my allotted point range – I’m thrilled!

My Weight Watchers PointsPlus Week in Review

I did exercise 4 out of 7 days, but I need to get back to 6-7 days a week.  I’m hoping the migraines will subside and I can get back on my bike.  Only two more weeks before I go to Walt Disney World and I need to build up my stamina for touring the parks and keeping up with the kids (the kids are in their 20’s and physically fit 🙂

I’m going to WDW for the Disney Social Media Mom’s conference.  It’s our second year and we’re thrilled to be going!  It’s three days of fun, learning, and magic.  This year we’re staying at the Grand Floridian resort and I’ll be taking my mother, son, and son’s girlfriend with me.  Last year it was the hubby and two sons. It was a fabulous getaway and I’m glad this year they scheduled more time for us to be with the family.  I was feeling a little left out last year!

I’ll be blogging from WDW and showing you how you CAN eat at WDW on point….will I?  I’m not sure.  The food is provided for us at most meals and last year there weren’t vegetarian options at every meal, so I ate some really weird stuff.  But, if you have free reign over what you can eat, you can eat vegetarian and on Weight Watchers in the park.  I’ll show you how!

Until then, check out this video about the Disney Grand Floridian Resort by Destination Florida

And while we’re not staying here, I thought this was a fun video of the nicest room at the Grand Floridian

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.  I’ll be posting my weekly weigh in results next.


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