What do a Brittany, Pomeranian, and Maltese have in common? That’s easy, ME!  We have three very spoiled and much loved dogs.  The Brittany has been our baby the longest.  He’s the dog I finally convinced my husband that our kids needed to have.  He’s 12 now and sadly losing his hearing, his eyes are clouding, and he’s covered in lumps.  The big, soft lumps are fat deposits.  The small hard ones, likely cancer.  He’s such a sweet dog – he hunts with the hubby and snuggles with me. Yes, he thinks he’s a lap dog!  He’s been the best family dog and I can’t recommend this breed highly enough for families with children.  He’s been a joy to have the pleasure of loving.

Blaze  named for his forefather, Blaze's Bean - our elderly Brittany

Jewel is the very neurotic Pomeranian whose tongue is way too long so it’s always sticking out. I got her when the boys were in their late teens – one already away at college, the other working nights so I never saw him.  I NEEDED something to take care of and Blaze (the Brittany) needed a pal.  That’s when we picked out Jewel.  When we first got her she was so tiny I could hold her in one hand.  She should be about 6 pounds, but she’s a plump 11.  My hubby just doesn’t know how to say no to her.

Jewel Our Pomeranian Enjoying the Snow

Gracie is the pup we got after I accidentally killed our foster dog, Missy. I was so distraught and couldn’t stop crying.  I just felt we had so much love to share so we got Gracie.  I named her Gracie to remind myself that Missy’s death was an accident and I needed to be gentle with myself.  My husband was never a fan of Missy (she’d been abused so she had some bad habits and only attached to me) so he swore he’d never like Gracie.  He couldn’t have been more wrong.  He adores his little girl.

Gracie, our sweet, but independant little Maltese.

Yep, they’re our babies now because the human ones grew up and moved out!