I weighed myself today. First, let me whine about my scale.  I bought it at Costco years ago because it was supposed to be accurate.  It’s a Health-o-Meter scale with a dial….some of you probably have never seen one 🙂  It has to be reset back to zero EVERY TIME you step on it.  It’s so frustrating.  If it’s not perfect level, it reads wrong.  If you lean slightly forward, it reads wrong.  If you put more weight on one foot or the other, it reads wrong.  So, soon I’m going to retire it and buy a DIGITAL scale.  I’m going to do some research before I pick one.  If anyone has a recommendation, I’d love to hear it.

So even though I didn’t lose, I’m not discouraged. I did lose 4 pounds the first week and I’ve managed to write down every bite I’ve taken for the last two weeks.  That alone is a huge accomplishment for me!  I’ve also exercise 12 out of the last 14 days, again, a huge plus. I’ve upped my riding to 45 minutes at level 4 (out of 6) and am doing circuits.   I did 11 miles tonight at 15 miles per hour average.

I did talk with an online friend who’s been on the new plan much longer. She has 39 points allotted per day, I was set at 50, although my actual daily average was 45.  I used just 3 of the Weekly PointsPlus allowance and none of the Activity earned.   When I lost 4 pounds last week my points were moved from 49 to 50.  Such a small change, but I decided to figure out if I could manually set the points lower.

Weekly Weghtwatchers Weigh in and Check up

I did find that I could manually reduce my points by six, so I did so. My new points are 46 but again, I hope to to 45 or less and increase my exercise.  I’m also cutting back on fruit and increasing my vegetable consumption.  Both have zero points on the new plan, but fruit is obviously higher in calories. Somehow I think if I keep tweaking each week, I’ll find the right balance between food and exercise.

I really appreciate all the support and feedback I’m getting as I make this journey. I have so many pounds to go, I try not to think about that.  Right now I just want that 5-pound weight loss star.  I’m a sucker for rewards.

Here’s to next week being better!

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