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The IT Crowd Cast Photo – via Wikipedia

I’ve just finished watching three season of ““The IT Crowd” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because I worked in IT for years that this award-winning British sitcom hits so close to home, even though it’s based in the UK.  Perhaps it shows that the IT experience is universal!  But I think anyone would enjoy this cleverly show written by Graham Linehan and staring Richard Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd, and Katherine Parkinson.

Set in the London offices of a fictional corporation, the opening episode of season one sets the tone for the entire series. The IT staff is housed in a grimy basement of an otherwise spectacular company.  Its staff  consists of two technicians; one a slacker and the other a social misfit,  and their boss who talked her way into the job without even knowing what  “IT” stands for.

There are so many funny scenes that it’s hard to just single out a few but one of my favs has to be when they answer all IT calls with an old tape-to-tape reel recorder that simply tells the caller to restart their computer. It’s priceless and something every IT repair person has wished for at one time or another.

The show is brilliantly acted and written and I find myself giggling throughout. There are a few words that wouldn’t make it on to US TV and some cultural humor that’s UK-specific, but it’s an entertaining show.

“The IT Crowd” Details:

  • Seasons 1, 3 and 4 are available for instant download at Netflix but season 2 is DVD only.
  • There are six episodes per season (24 total),  and average 27 minutes each.
  • Aired 2006 – present
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