Dear Hubby I Told You So, Sincerely Your Wife

So, I’m trying really hard not to say to my husband, “I told you so!” Now, I try to be a warm and supportive wife, but sometimes it’s just so hard!  What’d he do that’s making me crazy?  He bought a portable tile saw, a nearly $300 tile saw, without checking online for reviews.  Seriously!

Me? I won’t spend $20 without knowing if I’m going to like a product, and yes, it sometimes means it takes a day or two to check it out and to get the best price, I may have to *gasp* wait a week and get it delivered rather than picking it up and getting instant gratification.  But dang it, either extreme sucks and in this case, my husband’s lack of due diligence resulted in him owning a piece of junk that was clearly already defined as a piece of junk before he bought it.

You see, my husband is a retail virgin in ways. He still believes that ALL retailers only sell fabulous products and that they stand behind them.  He believes that once a retailer is made aware of a crappy product they’ll pull it and no longer sell it, because after all, it’s their reputation on the line.

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Silly boy. While in a perfect world this would be true, as it is in our own two small businesses, it isn’t always. You see if he’d just gone online to the Home Depot website (I’m not picking on them, that’s the store he purchased from in person), he’d have found that 43 people had already rated that saw and with a average rating of 2.6 out of 5.  He’d have also read every complaint he has about the table right there for all to see.  Worse yet, since this monstrosity takes 2-3 hours to put together, he doesn’t feel it’s right to return it because it can’t be disassembled.

So, we have this very expensive (in my mind), piece of junk that doesn’t work well and can’t be returned. So, I ask…..aren’t I allowed one little I told you so? 🙂

Here’s his crime….

Ryobi 7 in. Portable Tile Saw with Laser $258


    Ryobi 7 in Portable Tile Cutting Saw - Skip it!

Plus tax of 10% paid to WA State

  • Model # WS750L
  • Home Depot Internet # 100665649
  • Home Depot Store SKU # 804318


  1. Laser stopped working on the first day and it was its biggest selling  point
  2. The tray sticks, jumps, and binds making clean tile cuts almost impossible
  3. The fence is plastic so it gives when the tile is placed against it again making it impossible to get a straight cut
  4. It takes 1-2 hours to put together with poorly written directions


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