In the bedroom with Dr Laura - Laundry Basket Masterbation

I had high hopes for Oprah’s OWN Network, but if this show is any indication, it’s going to be some more trash TV.  The video below contains clips which are from the “In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman” show aired earlier this week.  I’m sorry, but this episode just crosses so many lines for me.

I’m not a prude and talking about sex WITH your partner is important, and learning about how your body works is important so you can have educated discussions with your partner, but sharing your masturbatory instrument on TV just goes too far. Not only does the wife show her pleasure piece on TV, she’s asked by the DR. to show how she manages to a climax with it.  Yes, that’s an upside down laundry basket.

The full 4-minutes of the video is available on the OWN Network. Additionally, the video below from  Chelsea Lately includes scenes not found on the OWN website.  Watching it made me wonder what this woman and her husband were thinking by doing this.

From Chelsey Lately – “Anatomy of Sex” (video link)

Was it me or was the scene  in a doctors office, in stirrups, naked from the waist down with the Doctor pointing out her lady parts to her husband, unreal?  Seriously, it felt like a sketch from “Saturday Night Live”. Um, a photo or plastic model isn’t enough?  Funny, my husband and I have managed to do it, and do it well, for 30 years without having my doctor map out my outer vaginal lips.

Want more? In the full 4-minute video she complains that he’s too large and she doesn’t like when he gives her oral sex.  Someone please tell this woman that first, the man is trying and second, sells vibrators.  Get one, use it TOGETHER and find out how your body works.  What’s my unprofessional and unsolicited diagnosis?  They have some serious communication problems in their marriage (see the full video) and they need to work on that, then intimacy, and THEN sex.  But hey, I’ve only been happily married for 27-years, what do I know.  It’s easier just to go on TV and tell everyone it’s your husband’s problem and not yours.

It’s time to put some of our privacy back in the bedroom. Talk about sex, but please leave the real-life examples out.