Alex and Dad on the day he was born 1/11/88Yep, 23 years ago today, I was in labor with my 2nd and sadly last child. At 10 minutes to noon, my male doctor got tired of me asking for an epidural and told the nurse to call the anesthesiologist and tell him that they’d need him in an hour or two and then he left the hospital and went back to his office.  Now mind you, I knew I was in full transition and I was NOT happy.  At 12:05, the nurse called the Dr. and told him it was time to come back.  She listened intently as he was obviously telling her he’d just checked me and it would be hours.  She looked at me with terror in her eyes and then said tersely into the phone, “I’m holding the baby’s damn head, you need to get back here now!”

Yep, it was fast and furious after hours and hours of labor and I was MAD that I’d not been listened to. When the Dr. walked in at 12:10pm, he literally caught the baby in his street clothes, without washing his hands, and without gloves and mask.  And, I (it gets grisly here….please avert your eyes if you’re grossed out by this stuff…) tore through and then beyond the original Episiotomy scar from my first child’s birth, into virgin skin that was um, difficult to repair and which was immediately flushed with birth fluids causing horrible pain.

But beyond the pain I was a little more than ticked off at having to go through such a uncontrolled birth. It was far from the soft ‘welcome to the world’ we’d anticipated with our birth plan.  But what I got for my effort was the sweetest little 9lb 6oz (OK, not so little) bundle of baby.

Alex is 23 now and still a sweetheart. He wouldn’t hurt me for the world and I still blame it all on the smart ass doctor who thought he knew more than the woman who’d already given birth once before.  And yes, that’s a REAL Polaroid picture of my sweet husband holding his little bundle just a few hours later that day.  How I wish we’d had digital back then or heck, even a decent 35 MM.  It was cheap point and shoot and before video, but I remember the day like it was yesterday.

Oh, and hubby asked me why I wasn’t more of a woman and yanked the kid out at 11:11 so he’d have been 23 on 1/11/11 at 11:11…..I’ll let you know what I answer when I start talking to him again 😉  Happy birthday to my baby boy on his 23rd birthday – may you have many, many, many, many, many, more.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Alex was due on Christmas Eve…he was in NO hurry for weeks…. 🙂