Fat, Fifty & Fucked A Midlife Crisis Can be the Start of Something ExplosiveMartin  Carter is having a crook day. His home life’s a misery, he’s been  retrenched by the bank and everyone’s forgotten his birthday. But a  million-dollar payroll, a pistol, and a split-second decision change  everything. Hurtling north on a motorcycle with the intriguing Faith,  Martin encounters a mysterious hit-man, a new-age bikie gang, a  reclusive media mogul, and the booby-trapped mountain hideout of an old  schoolmate. With Faith’s help he learns about love again, along with  some bitter truths about instant coffee, brown suede shoes, and the  legendary Great Aussie Truck-stop Breakfast. “

I’m LOVING it! Sure, I’m fat and I’m about to turn 50, but  that’s all this guy and I have in common 🙂 and, 50 is only middle aged if you live to be a hundred….I’m thinking  I missed my chance at one.  Still, I’m loving reading about this character’s middle aged crisis and I’m especially loving the  Aussie spin on it.  I love “meeting” some of the character’s he’s  encountering on his journey – so colorful! And who hasn’t dreamed of chucking it all in and taking off on to nowhere in particular and in his case, with a million dollars of cash along to sweeten the ride.

It’s a bonus that the reader of this audiobook is an Aussie himself, so it’s hours of listening to his sexy accent. I’m thrilled to have accidently discoverd the Fast & Furious novel series and will be checking out more of them soon!


Fat, Fifty & F***ed! A Midlife Crisis Can be the Start of Something Explosive”

Fast & Furious Novels

by Geoffrey McGeachin & Peter Hosking
Unabridged Audiobook

Paperback version Fat, Fifty and F***ed: A Midlife Crisis Can be the Start of Something Explosive