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So we got a new Roku with Netflix subscription for Christmas (read about that here) and the first weekend I decided I was “on vacation” so I took to the couch and checked out all that Netflix had to offer.

For some reason, I decided it was time to finally check out “24”.

Obviously, since the show ended this year, and there are 8 seasons plus Redemption, so I had some catching up to do. I started with season 1 and became obsessed.  Each season is 24 episodes long and 47-ish minutes long.  That’s a whole lot of TV viewing – don’t add it up, it’s embarrassing the amount of time I spent.  But I truly enjoyed my time with the characters and the story lines.  All three season are three separate 24-hr periods in the life of the main character, Jack Bauer, and his family and/or co-workers.

Were the storylines believable? Nope, but if you just forget what’s possible and what’s not in the real world and just concentrate on the relationships, it’s enjoyable.  I will say though by episode 4 I felt like I was watching Saturday Night Live McGiver sketches so I had to drop it for awhile.  It was then I started hitting up documentaries.  🙂

So, some night when you have an extra 20ish hours to spend watching a drama about espionage and criminals with some violence and some rough language, check out any of the “24” season available on Netflix. Or purchase “24” seasons 1-8 or the complete set at