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So, way back in 2002 I tried Neflix and HATED it.  In fact, I hated it so much I wrote this review – Here’s How To Get New Releases… They Admit to Bad Service! See UPDATE. In fact, I hated Netflix so much that I tried several other online DVD rental stores – here are those I HAVE Finally Found THE Online DVD Rental Store For Me! And it’s NOT Netflix!, So Close To Perfect–It Still Beats Netflix, But It Needs More Availability and A LEGAL way to be entertained while surfing the web! Update 3/2003.

I gave Netflix a second try when a commenter challenged me to take another look when they started offering instant downloads. Unfortunately, I still thought their service and selection were worthy of a bad review (the update on the original review). Then about a year ago my son told me he’d started up a Netflix account and he thought I should check it out.  I explained to him that I had no desire to give them a third chance.  Well, he came home that winter break and showed me the NEW Netflix and I was hooked.

Still, I HATE watching TV and movies on my computer and I hated that we have a lovely 32″ HD TV that sat there, so I never got myself an account. I’d occasionally watch it when he was home from college on break, but that was it.  So, when I saw the Roku and what it could do to put Netflix right on my own TV, I snapped one up for my husband’s Christmas gift.  You see I could justify it in my own head as a gift for the hubby because of all of the amazing documentaries Netflix offers.  My hubby watches less than 3 hrs a WEEK on TV, so I thought it fitting he get to watch things he’s interested in when he does….nice, huh 🙂

So I bought the Roku and after some issue in setting it up (I’ll do a separate post for that), I’ve become a Netflix/ Roku addict. I’ll be sharing some of the discoveries I’ve been finding thanks to my husband’s new toy in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, I’m replacing the Kindle I got for my mother for Christmas with a year of Netflix.  She’ll be able to connect with her Wii so watching it on her flatscreen will be easy.  She’s a quilter so she spends tons of hours sewing – this will be a nice addition and something to enjoy while she’s working.

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Netflix has two plans – a download only and a download with mailed DVDs. The download only works perfectly for me. It gives me access to past seasons of tons of TV shows, amazing amounts of documentaries, and lots of movies.  It’s NOT for people who want to watch current seasons (Hulu or Hulu Plus are a better option) or just released DVDs (get the mailed DVD option).  It’s also NOT for people who want to own or watch offline – Netflix can remove a title (or entire series) at any time and if your internet connect fails, so does your ability to watch the content  Still for less than $10 a month ($7.99 as I write this), it’s a great buy for us.

Oh, and what became of all of those sites I liked better than Netflix? They’re gone or bought out by Blockbuster online 🙂