Every year it seems more and more of my youth is lost….in objects replaced by new technology and by people who have passed away.  I’m always surprised at how much the loss of these people that I only knew through the media , books, or movies, touch my life. I’ve posted some of my favorites, in chronological order, of those who’s passing made me tear up and reflect.

In 2010 we lost a lot of great people – here are a few that really moved me:

Miep Gies (2/15/09-1/11/10) – Best know for hiding Anne Frank and her family from the Nazi’s.  Growing up, Miep became a legend and into adulthood the realization that she was real and not just part of a story of my youth, made me confident that truly one person can make a difference.

Quote - Miep Gies - She helped hide Anne Frank and her family

Alexander McQueen (3/17/69 – 2/11/10).  I’m not a huge follower of fashion and his death touched me because he is younger than me and when someone takes his/her own life it leads me to wonder why.  What was so wrong that death seemed the best option. It always leads me to remember that the simple things in life are worth living for – the smell of a flower, the stunning sight of a bird in flight, the sound of a child.  It grounds me and keeps me from letting the little annoyances in life become my focus.

Andrew Koenig (8/17/68 – 2/25/10) Another who took his own life, who was younger than me, and who should have seemingly had it all.  That he took his own life in such a public way seems a statement.  So sad he wasn’t able to overcome his depression.

Rich Cronin (8/31/74 – 9/8/10) – lead singer and songwriter of LFO. He died much too young of Leukemia.  He represents to me my children’s teens…we listened to LFO together and to think that someone from that era could be gone already reminds me of my children’s own mortality. He founded Rich Cronin Hope Foundation for Leukemia (Facebook Page) to raise awareness about Leukemia and the need for donating blood and bone marrow.

Barbara Billingsley (12/22/15 – 10/16/10) – I grew up wishing we lived like the Cleavers, but my favorite role of Barbara’s was as the jive-taking passenger on “Airplane!”  I just loved her sly look and quit wit.
Barbara Billingsley Quote

Leslie Nielsen (2/11/26 – 11/28/10) He made the switch from leading male to comedic lead and I loved it.  The whole “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun” series defined my early adulthood and helped shaped what I came to love as comedy.  Fun and easy slapstick that didn’t take itself too seriously.

Leslie Nielsen Quote - Doing Nothing is Hard

Elizabeth Edwards (7/3/49 – 12/7/10) – Her good-bye message touched me deeply and is another reminder that life is simple – love, love well, and live above the noise. She died at 60 from cancer.

Elizabeth Edwards Quote - All I ever really needed was you

Many of my favorite movie and  tv stars from the 70’s and 80’s passed this year – Pernell Roberts, Rue McClanahan, Merlin Olsen, John Forsythe, Peter Graves, Robert Culp, Tony Curtis, Dixie Carter, Art Linkletter, and James MacArthur.  And I admit it, in the 80’s I was a Soap Opera fan and so I spent many hours with with James Mitchell and Francis Reid.

I know as soon as I hit “post” I’ll remember even more notable people we’ve lost this year, but for now, I’m just saying one last silent good-bye and thanks for the memories.