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In 2008, I saw Elton John and his amazing band, in a tiny little college pavilion where he performed for the Washington State University’s Mother’s Weekend (4/13/08). As a life-long fan of Elton’s and a member of his Rocket Man Fan Club, I had the opportunity to purchase seats just rows from the stage.  So close we could see spit as he sang….ok, maybe it was a little close 🙂  But what I loved about the intimate little location,m was that unlike past stadium shows I’d attended (and even on the subsequent  show that I attended in Seattle), he really talked to and shared with the audience.

At the time he teared up about how important mom’s were in a child’s life and he mentioned offhand that he’d love to have children, but….I’m sure others assumed it was because he was gay…it wasn’t to be. I assumed it was because of his age.  Already in his 60’s and married to his long time lover, I just assumed he had decided it was too late.  Ah, but not so.  On Christmas Day, Elton and his partner David Furnish announced that their child, Zachary, had been born to them from an US surrogate.  I couldn’t be happier for them!  It was obvious that he truly wanted to share the love he had for his partner with a child.

I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw that Elton is paying for the surrogate to get mental health counseling to deal with the inevitability of seeing her child raised in such a public way. I think it just goes to show what a kind and caring man he is, heck, the man sells out shows all over the world and commands $500 per ticket in Las Vegas, and yet he chooses two colleges a year to perform at.  This is a smaller college in the middle of nowhere – and when scalpers from Seattle bought out the tickets immediately, Elton scheduled a second show and offered student-only tickets so that the kids could attend.  He’s exactly the type of person we want raising tomorrow’s generation.

I hope that little Zachary brings them much love and happiness and that the family grows in the future. Elton has brought me so much happiness over the years, I can’t help but wish him the same. Oh, and as to the question of who’s the dad?  Who cares.  Although it’s been reported that Elton was named as father and David as Mother on an electronic copy of the birth certificate.

This little boy will likely have two dad’s who adore him. I’d say that’s a lucky kid.

Bootleg Video from the WSU Pullman Show 04/13/08 – “Rocket Man”

Of course, it sounded amazing in person and no, this isn’t my video.  Stupid me, I didn’t even take a camera.  I was on the floor about 12 rows or so back.  I’ve seen him and Billy Joel together, so many times, and every time is amazing.  And yes, I cry during “Your Song”, “Candle in the Wind”, and a few more, every time 🙂