We attended our “baby’s” college graduation this weekend. While he participated in graduation on Saturday, he still has a few tough finals between him and freedom from school.  We couldn’t be prouder of what he’s accomplished and the amazing man that he is.  We also got our first look at his current dump….home.  Oh my, college housing isn’t very glamorous, but he’s loved living there with his best friend.  I hear he spent quite a bit of time cleaning up….uh, sure 🙂  Pizza boxes were stacked in front of the fireplace (fuel) and recycling bins were the most prominent thing in the living room (hey, at least they recycle).

Alex and his beautiful girlfriend before graduation.

We had a great time with him and his wonderful girlfriend. We enjoyed some amazing food in Moscow, ID (who knew!).  Stayed in a nice hotel (again, what a surprise), and packed up much of the accumulation of four years of living away from home for the trip back across the mountains.  We even got a day of snow (we loved it) but a snow-free trip across the mountain pass.

It was a fabulous weekend and for my mom (who I know is reading this) here are some pics. She missed out on the celebration by falling and breaking her wrist.  I have a video and when I have time I’ll load it so you can see what you missed.

Congrats to our Alex! He *MAY* be the proud new owner of a very expensive piece of paper saying he now knows all there is to know about Natural Resources Management (or something like that :).  We’ll find out for sure at Christmas.  Here’s hoping Santa delivers good news.

Here’s a photo of us after graduation…yes, I need to lose 100 pounds and find the time to get my hair cut and colored.  And Steve needs to lay off the Botox (just kidding, La caught him mid-giggle).

Alex's College Graduation