No parent should have to find out about inhalants like this family did. Dad is a cop who had a drug-sniffing K-9 in the home and mom is a nurse.  They talked to their son about drugs, but they never thought he was using inhalants.  Unfortunately, their son died from inhaling computer keyboard duster commonly found at the grocery store and office supply stores.

Kyle Williams’ Story…

Think your kids haven’t or won’t try inhalants?  According to, nearly one in five kids has abused inhalants by seventh grade. And it’s not just young children.  One of the most memorable A&E “Intervention” shows was a young woman, away at college, who dropped out and became an inhalant addict.

It’s truly an episode you must see and see it with your teen. Allison went from pre-med to junkie at a cost of a few dollars a day.  The video below may seem funny because it’s so absurd; but it’s real and it was how she was living.  She’s sober now, and in a follow up show just aired, it’s like looking at a new person.  What’s scary is that her drug of choice is legal and in homes all across the country.

Allison, former dusting addict…

You might be lucky and your child won’t try them. But spend a few minutes learning about the issue and how to detect it, just in case. It can help you talk to them about it and maybe save their life, or the life of a friend.

Types of inhalant Abuse, Huffing, Sniffing, Snorting Inhalants Include:Types of inhalant Abuse, Huffing, Sniffing, Snorting Inhalants Include - Signs & symptoms someone is huffing

Talk to your kids, lock up your inhalants, and do the best you can to keep them safe. Be sure they understand that death can occur as soon as the first hit.