PB Teen isn't just for kids - I'm an adult and I LOVE this.

Is it weird that I love to read the Pottery Barn Teen catalog even though my youngest  kid is 22? I can’t help it.  I love their whimsical play on everyday items and if money was no object, I’d have a desk like the one above.  I’ve looked at the standard Pottery Barn catalog, but it’s a bit too staid for me.  Not like I ever shop there.  Oh wait, I did just shop there this week. I bought ornament hooks for $6 with free shipping :).

Anyway, every year I try to figure out what to do with the holiday cards we receive. I hate to toss them after reading, but we just don’t have anywhere for them. I’ve bought or made holders in the past, but nothing has stuck around for more than a holiday season or two, and now the pieces of them are spread among the way-too-many plastic storage boxes in the garage.  I figure looking doesn’t cost anything….so here are a few ideas I came up with from perusing the PB Teen catalog today.  If they’d like to send me these items, free, I’d be happy to style them.  Since that’s never going to happen, you’ll have to use your imagination.


I love these initial wall hangings. Purchase the word JOY and you have a great card holder! Spray paint them white or silver for more fun. Since they’re iron, they should spray up beautifully.  They’re generously sized at 14.5″ high, so they’ll make a statement wherever you place them.

Need more space for cards?  Use the word “Greetings”, “Happy Holidays” or whatever word is appropriate.

The letters are $15 and a little ribbon or paint will make them fabulous. Add them above a mantle, in the front hallway, or kitchen for a fun and festive card holder that’s different than the usual red and green versions.

Pottery Barn Kids Initials Wall Decorations

Wire Wall Loops

These are so versatile! Use them to surround a mirror, place them on a wall above a fireplace mantle, or put them around the entryway door frame.  Wherever you could use a little holiday cheer.

Pottery Barn Kids Wire Wall Loop Ideas

Pottery Barn Kids Wire Wall Loop

Again, I’d paint these to make them more festive and if hung vertically, I’d probably use a ribbon to hang them from to add more style. They’d also look great with some holiday greenery tucked in with the cards to soften the look.

These are $9 for each 24″ x 2″ piece.

Girlie Card Holder

This is my favorite, no surprise since it’s the girliest, but it’s also the most expensive. I’d combine two of PB Kids’ products – first their Furry String Lights. This 10-light string has white boa surrounding all of the lights.  In fact, I like this so much I’m seriously thinking of buying two to incorporate into the decorations we currently use on our fireplace.  Next I’d add the Clothespin String of Lights.  I love the clear clothespins that hang at each light so the card that’s hung on it will be highlighted.  It too has 10 lights and both strings are between 6′ and 7′ long.

PB Kids Clothespin and Boa Light Strings Christmas Card Holder Idea

PB Kids Clothespin and Boa Light Strings

Each of the strings is $19 (currently with free shipping). Depending on the length you need, this could be pricey, but it doesn’t need modification and could be used in an office or kids’ room the rest of the year making it practical.  See, I’m really trying to talk myself into this one.

How do you display your holiday cards?

Photo Credit:  Pottery Barn Kids

All of the items shown here can be found at PB Kids Accessories