Replacing your bathroom mirror inexpensively

So, I thought I had it pinned down. Either a fabulous silver mirror with ball trim, or a diy frame. Today I’ve looked at it all again and realized neither is going to work.  To do the DIY framing, we’d have to pull the mirror down and move it up a few inches.  Blah, if we have to pull it down, I sure as heck don’t want to put it back up.  It’s outdated.

The new mirror I picked out yesterday may be too large. I thought about it last night and realized that it fit the width, but I never checked the height.  I did some hasty measurements and drawing on the mirror.  Yes, that’s eye pencil, and yes, I did it alone so it’s messy.  I didn’t even clean off the construction mess from the counter.  You could take your time and us a string, some tape, and a pencil.

Mark the middle of the area, use a piece of string half the length of your dimension (ie., for 36″ in diameter, use 18″).  Tape one end of the string to the middle of your wall.  Tie a pencil to the other end being sure the pencil writes at the predetermined measurement.  Holding the taped end in firmly in place, draw an arc with the pencil.  Keep doing this until you have a circle.  To check your measurements, use a tape measure to check top to bottom  vs the left to right measurement.  They should be equal.

For my purpose, accuracy wasn’t necessary. I marked 36″ top to bottom and 36″ left to right and then hand drew in the arc. I’m glad I took the time to draw out the sizes on the wall where the mirror will be hanging because it gave me a clear picture on how mirrors of different dimensions would look (ie 40″ vs 36″).

I went back to the same bathroom furniture website today and found mirrors in the 36″ diameter size which is what I was looking for in the first place, but couldn’t find. So, it’s decided, we’re going with a smaller mirror.  Darn it, I loved mirror #1!

Here are the new contenders:

Bathroom Mirror Option #3

Cooper Classics Gabriel Wall Mirror in Brushed Silver – 4776

36″, brushed silver finish – $219.99

Sadly no reviews.  I like the sunburst-like affect but wonder if I’d start to hate it late on.  It’s just a mirror, but I want one that appeals to lots of people as we will have to sell some time this decade.

Bathroom Mirror Option #4

Howard Elliott Fantasia Mirror – 2006

32″, silver – $209.90 (out of stock until Jan 1)

Another one I think is too design-specific.  Would you get bored with it? Or feel like it belongs at the Luxor Hotel?  Not sure about this one.  The color and size are right though.

Hubby’s home and has seen my handiwork in the bathroom. Oops, I was going to clean up the evidence before he got here.  We’ve picked option #3 (#1 on this post).  I still like the first choice, it reminds me of a Mint Julip cup, but it’s just too big so I’m off to order #3.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  We’re a little nervous about it.  Crossing my fingers!

Did we pick the right one?

NOTE:  The pattern in the header behind the mirrors in the Martha Stewart rug that matches the paint and curtains we’ve already picked out, called Spring Melt – we love it!  See all the colors available in the Martha Stewart’s Living Low-VOC paint section at Home Depot.

Photo Credits:  Mirrors Bathroom Furniture Direct; Fabric – Home Depot & Martha Stewart