Angelina and Dad, Christmas 2009, age 2

We decided that today was the day we’d write a letter to Santa. These are Angelina’s exact words, but I typed it of course…

Dear Santa Claus:

My name is Angelina. I want to go to the petting zoo I want to feed and pet all the animals, but not the lions. I love my school and my teacher Mrs. Reggio. I like to pet my cat, Whitey and play with my friends Antonio, Brianna, Jessica, Alana, and Daniella. My mom waits for me in the hall at school every day. I love to sleep at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. That’s all.

Here is what I want for Christmas. My birthday is next to Christmas (mom note:  it’s February!) so you can use it for both.

I really want the Moon Dough Barn, but I want it before Christmas, like around Halloween. But Halloween is over.

Angelina Picking her nose in formal Christmas Dress

Classic Angelina - Christmas 2009


  1. The dancing Mickey Mouse Doll
  2. The puppy that walks, he’s white and comes with a leash.  You press the leash and he walks.  The white one.
  3. Teaching and dancing Dora.  She sings, too.  That’s the one.
  4. Lalaloopsy dolls.  A few.
  5. The walking and talking baby with the pink pajamas.  She walks for sure, but she doesn’t do pee pee.
  6. The doll that gets sick.  I forgot her name, but her cheeks turn red and she has blue pajamas, for sure.
  7. Rapunzel doll, the one with the hair that you braid.
  8. Katy Perry CD but make sure it has Teenage Dream on it.  Oh, and California Girls.
  9. Singing and dancing Boots doll.  This matches the Dora one.  The one I told you about before.
  10. Any games, really, any.
  11. Anything with hip Hop Harry, Dora, Boots, Sid the Science Kid, The Cat in the Hat, Franny’s Feet, and definitely Pokoyo, if they make Pokoyo stuff.  I don’t think they do.
  12. Dora and Boots dress-up clothes.  So I can look like them and play explorer.
  13. Soap making kit, but I won’t eat the soap, it’s for your hands.
  14. Crayon making kit.
  15. Light up Ferris wheel.  The one I make, not a real one.  Not until we move to the big house.  It could go in the backyard.
  16. A pink telescope
  17. A big dollhouse that I could fit in.  Not the Dora one, I have it in my closet.
  18. A guitar, not a blue one.
  19. A wagon.  One I could pull dolls in and mommy can put me in also.  With a handle for pulling.
  20. Boots.  Not the one that’s Dora’s friend, the ones you put on your feet.



3 yrs old