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I got the opportunity to see “Tangled” last night at a sneak preview. I’ll say first of all that I don’t love all Disney movies.  I like most, endure a few, and love many as well.  “Tangled” easily goes into the loved category and it’s one that I’ll purchase and enjoy again.  For someone who’s youngest child is 21, it’s saying something when I love it so much that I want to purchase it.

I’m not allowed to tell you much about the movie, but I will tell you that it was like watching a Broadway show. The music was fabulous, the evil people were truly evil, the good beautifully so, and the storyline although far removed from the Rapunzel story I grew up with, it was magical.

I saw the 3D version and I’m not sure if it was the pain pills I was on or that I wasn’t feeling great before the show, but I got motion sick during two of the chase scenes. Beyond that, the 3D is amazing.  Rapunzel’s hair is so fabulous it’s like looking at real hair.  They voiced the movie beautifully and I just can’t tell you how gorgeous it is.

The story has laughs, groans, and tears…yes, I cried twice (almost 3 times). And laughed.  And loved hearing the kids in the audience react.  Sure, there were times the kids weren’t fully engaged, but I’m ok with that.  Kids don’t need slam, bang, wiz all the time.  They need to learn to see the fun in the subtle scenes as well.

The movie ended to applause and I smiled as I left. My 25-year old son attended with me and agreed it “wasn’t bad” which in his language means it was fabulous.  Plan a trip to the theater to enjoy the movie on the large screen for the first time. It’s worth it!

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