chipmunk - or how I look after 4 hrs in the dentist's chair

I’m happy to say I’m no longer a Jack-o-Lantern. Thanks to several hours in the dentist’s chair and some of the finest drugs known to man, I’m now the proud owner of a temporary bridge.  The pain is minimal thanks to my new friend, Vicoden and yesterday is but a blurry dream.  My husband assures me the six sets of twins I saw crossing the street were not real and in fact, not twins.  And that the nurse really did tell him to  keep me away from the internet, which he didn’t do a very good job of, and which ended up costing me $40 to correct.

But the good news is now that I know about sedated dentistry, I’ll never wait five years between visits so I won’t have to go through a surgical extraction and bone grafting again any time soon. Right now I look like a chipmunk that has had a stroke on one side.  My gums are double in size, and I’m sleeping most of the time, but it’s all good.   I’m just glad to have all my teeth back.