Macaroni Grill At Home Boxed Dinner

I got the opportunity to try out two at home dinners that were to recreate the food found at their restaurants. I’ve never eaten at either of these restaurants so I can’t compare the boxed choices to their restaurant counterparts, so this is my impression of the boxed varieties only.  Also, since I’m a vegetarian and rarely eat processed foods like these, I didn’t taste them.  But the hubby did.

First, the Macaroni Grill came with everything but butter, milk, and chicken so the price of the boxed mix needs to take the fresh ingredients into account when determining the cost. It was easy to prepare, taking about the 20 minutes they said to anticipate on the box.  Following the directions I put the pasta water on to boil and prepped the chicken by washing it and then slicing it into 2×4″ strips.  I used boneless, skinless organic chicken.  I added 2 tbls organic butter to the frying pan and once melted, added the chicken.  With the pan on high, it took just 3-4 minutes for the chicken to brown.  I added the milk and seasoning packet and simmered it uncovered for the prescribed time.  Meanwhile I put the pasta in and set the timer for 8 minutes.

Macaroni Grill At Home Boxed Dinner

When the chicken was cooked through (not pink in the middle), I added the liquid packet of goop and the sun dried tomatoes stirred, added the grated cheese, and served it to the hubby.

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Did he like it? It was ok.  Very bland and without a spark.  The colors was slightly gray and not appealing.   As far as preparing it, the same amount of work could have gone into something completely fresh.  Will we purchase them in the future?  No.  We haven’t even tried the Orange Wanchai Ferry Chicken because the Macaroni Grill was such a disappointment.  Just because we didn’t like them does’t mean you wont.  Want to try it yourself?  Here’s a coupon for $1.50 off two packages of Wanchai Ferry and/or Macaroni Grill Dinner Kits.

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