Just say NO to padded or silicone enhanced butts!

I read some websites that are geared toward women of color. I know, I’m not one, but I love seeing what’s interesting to other people.  One thing I find disturbing about the sites is their recent penchant for modified butts.  Yes, silicone enhanced rears, to the point of being enormously out of proportion with the woman’s body. These same sites have reported that Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, and Kandi Burris have all had permanent enhancements done.  But those are the “main stream” ladies  – the pages are filled with other D-list celebs that have gone too far.

Just say NO to padded or silicone enhanced butts!

I’m not a huge fan of making oneself a project. Sure, I wear makeup and do my hair, and I guess you could say I’m doing enhancements as well, but they don’t involve surgery or making changes that are not meant for my frame.

Being a large breasted woman, I envy woman with small breasts. I cringe when I see shows where women pick out D or larger size implants.  I’d love to have mine reduced, but they are what they are.  It’s sad that society has decided what size perfect breasts are to be making smaller girls get implants and larger girls get reductions.

But now butt implants are going the way of padded bras. Now you can enhance your butt and make it higher and larger seemingly by a pair of panties.  Really?  Now not only are our breasts subjected to the perfect size scrutiny, now our butts are?  And are we really to believe the ad with the before/after photos? The woman is smiling and happy only AFTER she puts on butt pads?

Please, just say no to this new trend and if you can’t, please go the panty route.  There are very few women who look good with a butt that’s enormously out of proportion with their body.

Image by Soulfull via Flickr

Why must there be only one perfect size?