Bathroom and Hallway Redecorating and Remodeling UpdateYep, we’re still working on the bathroom and hallway remodeling and redecorating project. Blame the nice weather which was spent out mowing, seeding, and fertilizing of the grass and the Melissa and Doug kitchen that had to be put together.  Oh, and work schedules and cooking.  I guess because we don’t really have a deadline, and this bathroom isn’t one that’s in use now that the kids are gone, there’s nothing pressing us to get right on it.  We tuck all the painting supplies into the bathroom, close the door, and forget about it.

The hubby has pretty much taken over the job because this is a crazy, busy time for my business. I love him for that.  I started it and he’s kindly finishing it.  He spent a few days putting up crown molding in the bathroom.  It looks spectacular!  It’s two pieces of trim layered on top of each other.  He filled the nail holes and caulked the trim.  It’s taken a lot of sanding and caulking the last few days.

Hubby working on painting the lower half of the wall with Martha Stewart's Sunken PoolHe finished the chair rail trim in the hallway and today he’s touching up the paint on the lower half of the wall as well as the trim. He caulked the hallway trim as well.  The trim that’s been up for 30 years and I’ve painted many times.  I guess he’s a bit more of a perfectionist than I am. Did I tell you on his days off he works for Quality Construction?  Yep, he’s become a bit type-A about this stuff since he started working there.

He’s waiting for the last of the caulk to dry in the bathroom then he’ll touch-up painting and ceiling. We still need to finish removing the shower doors – the doors are off, but the tracks remain.  It’s so nice without them!  The light fixtures still need to be changed out (as soon as I pick a replacement) and the doors to the cabinet painted and reattached.  There’s still the floor to deal with, but he wants to tile so that will be after the holidays because the youngest comes home from college and we need to have his bathroom put back together by then.

Adding white crown molding to the bathroom to pop off the Martha Stewart Spring Melt wallsI’m loving the new lighter and brighter colors and fresh paint is always nice! I’m still thrilled with the Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot.  Not just the colors, but the fact that I can’t tell when he’s painting because there is absolutely no smell whatsoever.  And trust me, I have a nose that can detect odors!

Hopefully soon I’ll have some before and COMPLETED after pictures!


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