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I have struggled with taking vitamins for years. My stomach just won’t tolerate them and I vomit within minutes of taking them. I’ve tried taking them a full stomach, with certain foods, at certain times of the day.  Additionally, I’ve tried  liquid vitamins, chewable vitamins, gummies, and just about everything out there.  Unfortunately, I’m iron and vitamin D deficient so I have to find a way to take them. On top of that, I’m a vegetarian so I won’t take standard vitamins because they contain animal products.  So I searched the internet and found vegan vitamins and after paying over $100, found that they too make me vomit.  I worked with my doctor and tried them in the morning, last thing before bed, a few at  a time….nothing worked.

alternaVites are super convenient and perfect for people on the go

alternaVites are super convenient and perfect for people on the go

I was given the opportunity to try a new kind of vitamin called alternaVites™ . Originally developed for people who had difficulty swallowing pills, they’ve become a godsend for others like me who have troubles with traditional vitamins. What’s different about alternaVites™ is that they dissolve on your tongue, there’s no swallowing involved.  Since I have no problem taking vitamin B12 sublingually, I thought I’d give these a try and was hoping for the best.  I was pleased to see that they contained no animal products and no artificial color, sugar, or preservatives.  When they arrived I put off using them for a few days.  Who wants to do something they know is going to make them sick – not me!

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When I finally did try them I was pleasantly surprised. The taste and texture is like a sugar pixie stick from my childhood.  The very fine, soft powder, is sprinkled onto the tongue and allowed to dissolve.  You repeat the process until the vitamins are gone.  I loved the delivery system although like any powdery substance, if you breath in at the same time as you’re pouring you get a bit of a choking feeling. It’s a full teaspoon of powder and the first few times it seemed a bit overwhelming, but now I find I actually look forward to it.  I do occasionally get a tiny vitamin taste, but it’s quickly replaced by a pleasant fruit taste.

alternaVites™ contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals specially formulated for those who experience difficulty swallowing pills, and for those looking for an easier way to take supplements. This full-spectrum multi-vitamin & mineral offers nutritional support for overall well-being, stress, and energy, Using a proprietary blend of ingredients, alternaVites™ melts quickly in your mouth and tastes great. Available in mixed berry flavor, alternaVites™ is delicious and leaves no vitamin/metallic aftertaste.

I have to say, I’m really enjoying these. Now they’re not cheap like the vitamins they sell at the grocery store.  A month’s supply is $29.99 so the cost is $1 a day, but with the quality of the ingredients I think I’m ok with that.  Even though the multivitamin & mineral crystals contain 23 essential nutrients, I will still need to supplement as they don’t have enough iron (I’m on a high dose – and no, it’s not related to my vegetarianism, I’ve been iron deficient since my 20’s and I ate meat until my 30’s)  and I have to figure out what to do with m stockpile of vegan vitamins (I succumbed to the “free shipping for orders over $99” offer and have an abundance of pills – I keep thinking I’ll start taking them again…ya right!) before I commit to these, but I’m pretty sure I will be shortly.

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