Shop for natural, organic, and vegan candy online at the Natural Candy Store

I have a neurological disorder and the more research I do on it, the more I find that chemicals and additives may have triggered it or made it worse. I’m already a vegetarian, so now I’m working on becoming an organic vegetarian.   Finding foods that meet all of my desires is hard, especially locally, so I’ve become an online sleuth looking for the best products and at the best prices.

My criteria is the replacement product has to taste as good or better than the product it’s replacing. If I can’t find one, I just eliminate the old one from my diet.  I have a sweet tooth, not for cakes and cookies, but for hard candy and licorice.  When I became a vegetarian I had to give up licorice.  When I started looking into how foods were colored, I chopped even more candies and treats from my diet.  The more I learn about food, the more surprised I am at all the junk they add that’s not necessary.

I have found an online candy store that specializes in natural and organic candy – the Natural Candy Store. They conveniently mark their products with classifications to help while shopping, but they don’t mark them vegetarian, so I’m still having to read labels.  Their categories cover just about all of the special needs diets out there – organicVegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Feingold Stage 1, Feingold Stage 2, and Allergen Free.  They also note which products are made in the USA.  Again, I’d love if they’d add vegetarian and sent a suggestion, but sadly they’re not going to be doing it in the near future.

Here’s what I’ve purchased, the purchase price, and what I thought of them…

DTTF-10 Tillen Farms All-Natural Maraschino Cherries $4.99 LOVE these – REAL maraschino cherries!
CDSB-16 CLOSEOUT — 45% OFF — Raspberry Natural Fruit Candy $3.85 Fabulous but sold out now 🙁
LFNO-12-EA Newman’s Own Pomegranate Licorice Twists $2.39 Didn’t like – Twizzler fans would
LFNO-10-EA Newman’s Own Strawberry Licorice Twists $2.39 Didn’t like – Twizzler fans would
LFNO-11-EA Newman’s Own Tangerine Licorice Twists $2.39 Didn’t like – Twizzler fans would
LSRJ-12-3PK RJ’s Raspberry Licorice Log $3.55 Loved!  People who like old-fashioned Red Vines will love them (no hole in the middle)
LSRJ-10-EA RJ’s Raspberry Soft Licorice $4.99 Loved!  People who like old-fashioned Red Vines will love them (no hole in the middle)
TTWG-10 Chocolate Raspberry Cordials $5.89 Didn’t like – surprised because I love chocolate and raspberries. Disappointing
TPSU-10-12PK 12-PACK * Original Sun Drops $8.49 Love!  M&Ms without all the yucky stuff – individual bags
CDPF-19-8OZ Raspberry Chocolate Filled Organic Candy $6.49 Liked – hard candy with very little chocolate filling
SCBQ-10 Soft Caramels 9.49 Just like mom made!  Nothing but natural ingredients and delish!

Shipping is discounted for orders over $50 so I try to order the minimum each time. I’ve had some misships and items that were past their best by date, but all of my issues have been handled professionally and quickly.  I’ve also researched their prices an on the items I’ve purchased, they were lower than or the same as other online retailers.  The Tillen Farms Maraschino Cherries are a real bargain and I buy 3-4 jars at a time.

I purchased their Halloween coffin organic candy set and sent them to my sons and my niece. All of them were put off at first that it was organic, I assume thinking it would taste weird, but they all loved the candy and enjoyed the variety they received.  All of them finished them and it’s still 2 weeks to Halloween. I was glad to be able to send them something healthier than I usually do and will shop again here for Christmas stocking stuffers.

If you’re looking for natural or organic candy, give the Natural Candy Store a try. I’ve found it to be a fabulous place to shop for organic, natural, and vegetarian candies and treats.


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