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Getting kids to wash their hands is tough, but it’s so important, especially as we enter the flu and cold season. Simple handwashing for 20-30 seconds is all it takes to keep germs at bay.  But the handwashing has to be thorough and long enough.  That’s where SoapSoundz comes in.  Their kid-friendly soaps play a handwashing message and music that lasts 20 seconds, so kids learn to keep washing until the music ends.   Simple, huh!

Pink Handwashing SoapSoapSoundz produces three soaps currently aimed at kids. All are Hygiene Heroes with a story and a message.  I tried out the Princess Sanipure in the Solar Strawberry scent…

Princess Sanipure Solar Strawberry – Featuring the voice of PRINCESS SANIPURE. Help the Hygiene Heroes defeat Lord Viral and his army of germs with Hygiene Heroes Hand Soap. The soap with a built-in musical timer that teaches kids proper hand hygiene!  Click here to hear the Princess Sanipure Message (will open your sound program).

The message may be too old for the very young, but teaching your child to scrub until the message ends should be enough to get her on the way to proper washing. The soap has a very pleasant and not overwhelming smell. I appreciate that. It rinsed easily and left no residue.  Best of all, it didn’t dry out my hands.  I have it in the kitchen by the sink because even adults need to be reminded to scrub for at least 20 seconds, especially when cooking.

SoapSoundz helps adults and children wash long enough to kill germs and bacteria

I do wish that a list of ingredients was available. I searched their site and found only that it contains Aloe and Vitamin E and a “special mild formula for kids”.  The adult/family line actually says “100% natural ingredients”, so that makes me wonder about the kid line. The family soaps are holiday themed – Halloween and Christmas currently – with special scents and holiday songs.

SoapSoundz are available at local retailers as well as online at Amazon.com for approximately $5.89

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