The Perils of Craigslist

Hubby is upstairs working on the bathroom project, but the room is so small that I’ve been sent to do something else. I figured now would be a good time to search Craigslist for some barstools for the kitchen island we purchased a few months back.  I decided to search Craigslist because I’ve purchased furniture successfully in the past, in fact I purchased two bar stools years ago but one has mysteriously found a new home.

While I was looking for bar stools I came across the EXACT headboard I’ve wanted for our master bedroom redo. It’s an old 60’s style with storage in the headboard.  The design allows you to put your clock and other necessities behind you rather than on night stands. After 22 years of having our bed in the only place it would fit in the room, this headboard would allow us to ditch the tables and move the bed, while still having the storage we needed.  I was going to update it by painting it white and adding trim pieces to make it shabby chic – I was thrilled to find it!

I emailed the fellow asking if the headboard was still available. I got back a curt reply…

Yes, like that ad says, if it is still posted, it is available.

Ok, my bad. It was early and I didn’t read the ad well.  Undaunted, I emailed back and asked if he’d take $20 less for it.  He replied with the following:

I really don’t care to deal this way over email.  You see, you are not in front of me waving cash in my face. Perhaps it is due to dealing with many folks that make promises and never come thru.  If you want come over and make me an offer, I will at least listen if you are a serious buyer.

Please contact me if you are still interested.
Thanks, craig

My simple reply? I WAS a serious buyer. I chose yours because of its proximity.”  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to sell on Craigslist and I’m fully aware of all the flakes; however, this guy just lost an easy sale. I picked him because he’s close to me, has exactly what I need, and I would have paid his full price.

The lesson? Customer service is important….whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a Craigslist seller, it works every time.  So, the hubby and I agree, we’d rather pay full price for something than be reminded every time we look at the headboard about the jerk we bought it from. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the barstools, but I did discover a fabulous FireFox add-on for viewing Craigslist – I’ll be sharing that with you next.


He just replied with the following:

Have you ever sold anything on Craig’s list?  If you have then you know that people (some, not all) will call or email, tell you all kinds of things, make plans to come to see/buy something and never show up.  It is really frustrating for a seller.  So if I sound a little callous, I am for good reason.  It’s hard to tell who is serious and who is not.  I have had a lot of offers from people for lower amounts of money, then just not show up.   Yes, I realize that selling something requires a time commitment on my part, it is unfortunate that some folks just don’t respect other peoples time as well in these sorts of situations.
So, I just decided to not dicker with people over email anymore.  If that offends you, then I am truly sorry.  But that is the way it works here.  I have several interested folks, the item I have for sale is in very nice condition, I am certain it will sell to whom ever comes to look at it.

Regards,  Craig.

I want to reply, I really do, but his statement, “But that is the way it works here.” Kinda says it all so what’s the point. Funny, if all these people are interested in an out-of-style headboard, then why’s it still listed?  I could have had it home and trim added by now.  Oh well. If I used his business sense to run my own business I’d be out of business in days.

The great thing is hubby is so ticked off he said, “We old enough not to have to buy people’s used junk, we’ll buy something new.” I made the dogs write that down since they witnessed it. Thanks, Craig.  You just got me a brand new bedroom set and couch because you were an a*s.