Homemade scaffolding for painting high places

Yep, painting in high places, those that a standard ladder can’t reach, requires proper equipment. What you see above is NOT proper!  That’s my adorable husband on his homemade scaffolding.  Don’t try this.  RENT scaffolding. I scolded him and reminded him that one fall and he could lose his vocation.

Yes, I know there’s only about 8 sq ft of area he needed to get to, and it only took him a few minutes to put up the two ladders and two planks, but I still caught my breath when I found him doing this. He said that it’d take 30 minutes to go get the scaffolding, 30 to set it up and take it down, and 30 to return it.  But I reminded him that it would have only taken 2 more seconds for him to fall the 8 ft down the stairs and be out of work or worse.  Homemade scaffolding is not a good idea

Now mind you, he’s a fire fighter, so finding people on the ground after they’ve done something completely stupid is what he does for a living. Just sayin’, he should know better!  I’m glad the stairway is painted and that no one was harmed in the process….this time!


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