This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.


My kids are in their 20’s, so over the years Santa has placed every game system ever made, under the Christmas tree. Sony Playstation (every version), Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox, you name it, we’ve had or have it. But when the boys moved out, so did their game consoles. My husband and I are not gamers, we’re a generation before that became a way of life, but when the boys are home I’m all for a good round of Rock Band (I kill on bass) or other game we can play all together. But now, there are some titles that I think I could enjoy, even without the kids.

I’ve been thinking about getting a Wii for the new exercise games, but I’ve been putting it off. Now PlayStation has come out with a new add-on called PS Move for their wildly popular PS3 that provides for new exercise games and more! Maybe this time procrastinating paid off!

What is a PlayStation Move? It’s actually a combination of a PlayStation 3 system with the PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller. It allows you to play the new PS Move games. New games will run between $39 and $59 – quite comparable to what other game systems charge for games. The camera records your motions and you become a part of the game. Additionally, you can download software updates for PS3 games like MAG and Heavy Rain and they become PS Move compatible too! I love that! PS3 controllers - Traditional and MOVE controller compared

I think beyond the games that can be played, I’m excited that the PS Move makes the PS3 system a complete entertainment system in one box. The PS3 is a Blu-ray Player, it can stream TV shows with a Hulu Plus account, and it can stream Netflix. I love my Netflix account and lament that I have to watch shows on my computer screen instead of the TV. Sure, I don’t need the PS Move for TV watching, but when comparing Wii’s capability for entertainment plus exercise against PS3’s, it has to be considered.

I also like that the controllers are said to be easy to use. I find the Wii’s controllers confusing – I know, for all you full-time gamers that sounds lame, but for me it’s a reality – the buttons on the Wii make no sense to me. My son’s grow tired of telling me which button combinations to push to play the games.

I love that one machine can do all that PLUS allow us to play games as a family; but for selfish reasons, I’d love a PS3 with the PS3 Move Bundle to try out Get Fit with Mel B and Singstar. Mel B to get me up and moving, and Singstarto rock out to one of my all-time favorite bands, Queen. Can I sing? Nope, but I love it and you know what they say…

“Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”

Sony puts the street price of the PlayStation Move Bundle (motion controller, eye camera, Sports Champions game, and bonus game demo at for $99.99. A complete system that includes the 320 GB PS3 system and PS Move add-on has a MSRP of $399.99.

Who knows, maybe this will be the Christmas when the new game system Santa leaves under the tree is for mom!

Photo Credits – Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc