HGTV and Scripps Network Discriminate against Viewer over 45

Now I hate to pick on HGTV because I like them. If you remeber my rant about TLC last week, you’ll know that I actually like TV that teaches me something.  HGTV generally does that, however, today they taught me that I’m no longer relevant.  Yes, you heard it.  I am evidently not in their target audience.  Weird, since HGTV is probably the channel I watch most, and since I no longer have kids who live at home, and I have a TV on at work (the benefits of being the boss), I probably watch more of their programming than any other age group.

How’d I get the info that I was no longer desirable? HGTV posted a invitation on their Twitter and Facebook pages looking for participants for their “exclusive online community for people who love all things home!”  A chance for us as viewers to interact with the channels we love and others who share our passion for “home, food, travel, and more“.  Oh, and it’s not just HGTV, it’s the Scripts Network – Food Network, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, and Great American Country (GAC).

Since I love all things homes and am currently remodeling our 1970’s home and a huge cooking and baking fan, I decided to sign up. Heck, just for signing up I’d be entered for prizes!   Who doesn’t love prizes?  So I skipped on over to the entry page, checked my gender, selected my birth month and birth year, hit enter and…..

Everyone who completes and submits the entire recruitment survey will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one (1) of nine (9) prizes consisting of five (5) $50 and four (4) $25 gift certificates. Drawings will typically be held within three (3) business days of the end of the current quarter, and each winner will be notified by email within fifteen (15) business days of each drawing.**

…was rejected on the spot.  Visiting their Facebook page I find that ANYONE over 45 was IMMEDIATELY rejected.   When the crud hit the fan on their FB page they deleted the offer without a mention as to why, but it’s still up and available on their Twitter page.  I did re-enter with a younger birth year…go figure, I was taken right to the next page.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re not the only ones. Not long ago I was rejected from participating in Bonnie Hunt’s promotion because I was over 45.  Um…so is Bonnie.  I was also blocked from promoting “Entourage” because again, at 49 I’m deemed unimportant.  I’ve written to the PR firms/companies behind this age discrimination, and they said they’d pass it on, but the age rules are still in place.  What a shame.  If you’re uner a certain age you’re in, whether you have any clue about the product/show or not.  It just seems it should be on merit and not age.

Plus, if you only want mom’s of young children? I’ve been that. I’ve also been a full-time working mother, a stay-at-home mother of adults, a part-time single mother, a married woman, a single woman….someone in their 20’s?  Uh uh…30’s?  Yep.  40s?  Done that too….. tell me again why I don’t qualify to interact about my passion for home, food, travel, and more?

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