Amazon's Subcribe and Save program saves me money and time

I love Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program. It allows me to buy organic products for less and even better, it ships them directly to my door for free!  Plus, I set the interval of how often they arrive.  The choices are every one, two, three, or six months.  Plus, I can cancel at any time and I’m not charged until the product ships.  I can also have an item sent right away should I unexpectedly run out of an item.  When I order the extra shipment, I choose if I want to skip the already scheduled next shipment or not.

It’s so simple and I save 15% more, it’s a win/win! Annie’s Organic P’sghetti with Soy Meatballs (which I eat almost every day for lunch) is $4 a can locally.  They’re $1.91 on Amazon’s S&S program.  I get 12 cans a month and quite often 24 a month.  None of the other items I order are available locally.

Sadly, not every product is part of the Subscribe and Save program but I’ve noticed more and more are being added. CLICK HERE to browse the items that are available.

Amazon's Subscribe and Save program is free and easy

Subscribing is easy - canceling or changing is just as quick

Current Organic Sales

By the way, there are some great Manager’s Specials on organic products running right now. These organic specials include baby food, coffee, tea, nuts, dog treats, spices, candy, fruit snacks, baking mixes, colored sugar, and more.

I found one sale item I had to have. I love these pretzels so  I’ve added to them my Subscribe & Save cart: Newman’s Own Organics Pretzels, Salted Sticks, 8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) – on sale $20.20 ($1.68 each)  plus I saved 15% more because I signed up for Subscribe & Save.

My Shop and Save Program List - here's what I found to be a great buy

Am I really a fan of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save?  Yep!  Here’s my existing Subscribe & Save goodies:

  • Late July Organic Mini Peanut Butter Bite Size Sandwich Crackers, 1.125-Ounce Pouches in 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 4) (think Ritz Bits only not as greasy and with a little less peanut butter – so delicious!)  $19.90 (S&S $16.92)

I have a few other items that I’ve put on and taken off as our tastes change, but I always look for new organic products I can put on the S&S plan to save money. Check it out and let me know how their S&S prices stack up to your local stores!

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