Sister Wives on TLC - Skip it, it's not worth the time

I used to be a huge TLC fan. I loved learning about home improvement – they were first in the home makeover in 2-days genre.  I actually learned a lot from those shows as well as the occasional medical show which discussed true maladies and the stories of the people living with or going through them.

But some time over the last 5-6 years or so, they’ve changed from a channel of learning, to Totally Lame Crap channel. It started with “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”.  Sure, it started out as a cute show, but it wasn’t long before it was apparent that there were cracks in the family and it was just uncomfortable watching it.  Since then, they’ve added “The Little Couple”, “Quads By Surprise”, “Nineteen and Counting”, and various other ridiculous shows.  But their newest show is just too much.  What am I to learn from “Sister Wives”?

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Yes, I read the hype and got sucked into watching an episode. While I don’t like to tell people how to live, I will point out the “husband” states that plural marriage is about sharing love and not dividing it.  So why then, does he have to keep a WRITTEN schedule of who he sleeps with and who got to go out to dinner with him?  Sorry, he’s creepy and it feels more like a score card to me. I really don’t care if someone wants to live in a pluralistic marriage, but I’m certainly not going to watch.

Watching this episode reminded me why TLC no longer plays in my house.  What was once my go-to channel has been replaced by HGTV where I actually LEARN something that’s helpful.