OUTSOURCED an NBC TV Series Based on an Independent Movie“Outsourced” should have worked. It’s based on a fabulous movie, but instead, it’s watered down and pumped with unnecessary  characters.  I’ve watched the premier twice, trying to give it a chance.  Perhaps if I hadn’t seen the movie on Netflix I would have enjoyed it on its own. But I have see the movie and the movie is brilliant.

The series moves too fast in the premier – skipping totally the great travel scenes of the movie. And upon arrival, the series lead is planted in a modern, metropolitan area.  Not so the case of the movie where he finds a building under constructions, cows wandering inside and out, and a rooming house where his privacy is non-exist.  Was NBC worried about offending Indians?   If that’s the case, it’s too bad.  I think the movie shows a side of Indian life that’s more realistic.

Maybe if the series slows down and fleshes out the telling of what’s supposed to be a fish-out-of-water story, instead of trying to tell it all in half an hour. But I’m not making any bets because NBC doesn’t think as an audience we’re smart enough to get it.  I’ll watch and enjoy the movie again soon.