Early Morning Visitors to our Bird Feeder - we're located south and east of Seattle Washington

We’ve had a bird feeder for some time, and it mostly attracts squirrels and Chickadees. Today I saw the most beautiful blue bird. I thought it was a Blue Jay, but after checking out birdweb.org site I’ve found out it’s a Stellar’s Jay. Turns out we changed the birdseed and this one has peanuts in it which the Jays love.

These are very vocal birds and I love hearing them now. I run out with my camera, but they’re so darn fast I can barely snap a photo.  Their coloring is amazing.  The birdweb.org site says they’re common here, but I don’t recall seeing one in the 30+ years I’ve lived here.  I love that our yard is becoming a bird haven.  The new plants that we purchased and planted to attract birds and butterflies seem to be working!  We had our first Humming Birds this year, too!

Do you have early morning visitors?