My Dream Kitchen - Done by Martha Stewart Living experience at Home Depot

I’ve been asked several times what the Martha Stewart Living symbols mean after my post last week about falling in love with her new Martha Stewart’s Living Low-VOC paint at Home Depot. Unfortunately, I can’t find the answer other than they’re meant to help customers put together coordinating items in her line for the “perfect look”.  But what exactly each symbol means I’ve not found out yet.  My guess would be the leaf symbol represent colors in nature, the apple may mean primary colors, the star kids colors.  I’ll have to find my color chart to see if I’m even close.  In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that there are other ways to get help matching colors beyond matching the symbols.

Check out the Martha Stewart Living color online at Home Depot.

I mentioned the Home Depot Room Visualizer the other day. I wanted to spend a few more moments on it because it’s a impressive tool for helping me pick colors for our room makeovers.  Not only can you choose your own color schemes, you can choose just one main color and the visualizer can recommend two additional accent colors.  The visualizer uses the information that you chose for the floors and other surfaces (like cabinets) and gives you different options based on those even with the same main color chosen.

My Martha Stewart Living paint choices

These were my choices.  The last time I did this with a different floor I got Spring Melt, Cumulus Cloud, and Tailor’s Chalk and that’s the scheme I purchased and am painting.

The Home Depot Room Visualizer goes one step further and evaluates the colors your choosing and then gives you a totally coordinated design based on what you’ve been doing. Finding the perfect paint, cabinet, and flooring options couldn’t be easier.  Do they translate to real life?  So far my color choices have been spot on with what I’ve actually found at the store.  Had I noticed the computer picked design choice before I purchased my paint for the guest bathroom, I might have gotten a little more daring and painted the cabinet black, instead of white.  But it’s good to know that option is there because our master bedroom and bathroom are next.

The Home Depot Room Visualizer software choose this color combination for my room

The Home Depot Room Visualizer software choose this color combination for my room

So, if you need help coordinating colors, use the Martha Stewart symbols and or the Home Depot Room Visualizer. Martha’s symbols work like a key and translate across her new cabinet line at Home Depot as well as flooring (carpeting and throw carpets), cabinet hardware, drapery, and more.  I also found she has paintable wallpaper! I really like the beadboard and have seen several photos online where people have used it in bathrooms, bedrooms, and on cheap laminate cabinets and bookcases.  I may be giving some of the paper  a try in one of these projects as well.  I also peeked at her outdoor furniture there online today hoping that since it’s now fall some if it might be steeply discounted (not yet) and fell in love with a chaise.  If I only had room for it in my bedroom. Who says you can’t lounge indoors!  This is Seattle, I’d get much more use of it there.

Sorry, I got off track there.  Easy to do when I’m window shopping.  Anyway, if Martha isn’t your thing, you can use the  Home Depot’s Room Visualizer to pick out any of the new Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint which is paint and primer in one (before I discovered Martha Stewart’s Low-VOC paint, I was a Behr girl), or any other of the Home Depot Brands.  The Visualizer free and all it costs is your time to play and dream.


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