Our Topsy Turvy Tomato 2010 Fall Harvest

Remember the Topsy Turvy tomatoes we planted in May? Well, I finally gave up on them ever ripening on the vine and I picked them today.  Total crop?  Nine small and misshapen, mostly green, tomatoes.  No, it’s not the Topsy Turvy’s fault, it’s the dang weird summer we had here in Seattle.  Everything was months late or never grew or bloomed at all.  Commercial farmers have had a rough summer as well.

I will say that at least we got tomatoes. The tomato plant we put in our raised bed never produced any fruit and had to be constantly treated for bugs.  The Topsy didn’t.  We grew them organically, so no pesticides and just organic fertilizer.

I’m a convert, I’ll try it again next year and hope for better weather! I’ve not tasted one yet, I’ll let you know how they are once I enjoy one.

Our Topsy Turvy Planter from seeds to harvest in pictures

I’ve got several new Topsy Turvy planters already lined up for next year. I believe in container/bag planting that much and having access to them right from the deck is fabulous.