Replacing my 1970's Glass Shower Doors and replacing them shower curtains

I’ve NEVER liked our shower doors. The glass is smoked and the metal is shiny gold – they’re ugly.  I remember when we moved in, 22 years ago, I thought they’d be the first thing we replaced.  They didn’t fit well and I always thought we’d end up with them falling on someone.  But time and money got in the way and here they are all these years later.

In this makeover they’re coming down! I’m not a fan of glass doors so I’m replacing them with a curtain.  Gasp!  I know, most people like doors, but since this is now our guest bathroom and the only tub in the house, it’s only use is as a soaking tub and the doors take away from enjoying the tub – it’s hardly spa-like.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to three choices for replacements. The first is the easy choice.  They’re actually cotton duck curtain panels from Home Depot (from their Martha Stewart Living collection) in the color of the paint (Spring Melt).  I’d use two curtains as stationary panels for decoration and color only and a third remade into a widow curtain to hide that hideous frosted glass window).  At $24 a panel, this is a cheap way to bring the color to the other side of the room.  It has a slight pattern in it that I love.  There is a matching wool rug that’s gorgeous, but with two small dogs who think rugs are potty pads, we’ll sadly be forgoing any carpeting in the bathroom.  To complete the look of this one I found an organic white cotton duck liner from Whole Mind and Body that would look fabulous with the curtain panels.

The Three Shower Curtain Options:

Bathroom Makeover - Shower Curtain ChoicesThe second choice is a gorgeous striped pattern (Jackson Stripe Organic Shower Curtain) from Pottery Barn. I love that it’s organic, it’s reasonably priced at $49, and there are matching organic towels and I’m a sucker for that. I’ve not tried the colors out in person as  it’s only available online, but it looks good with the online paint swatch :).  I would have to rethink the gray I planned for the ceiling, but since I’ve not purchased the paint yet, that’s not a big problem.  The problem would be that it would clash terribly with the pink floor.  Granted, we plan on changing it in the next year, but we’d have to live with it until then.  If only the hubs would let me do some peel and stick in there, but alas, he wants to do it right, so it has to wait.

The third options plays up the gray that I planned on adding to the ceiling. It’s from CB2 and has great customer reviews.  Its only slightly negative customer comment is that it is a gray/green which is perfect for my needs.  Called the Arbor Shower Curtain, it plays up the nature look I’m going for.  It also has coordinating towels.  The curtain is a natural cotton canvas and would require a liner, but at $39 it’s the cheapest option.

So, should I take the easy route and get the matching panels? Or do something a little more daring?  Which would you choose?

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