Our sweet Maltese after walking through the paint tray

She's a trouble maker but adorable

My hubby and I have been doing a lot of painting this week and just before we were going to pack it in for the day, I discovered teal footprints leading from the paint tray on the floor and into my son’s bedroom. There we found our 5lb Maltese, Gracie, with all four paws covered in paint as well as some on her side and her face!

Our dog walked through the paint pan rather than around it

Gracie's fancy foot work

While I took her in the bathroom to give her a bath, the hubby started cleaning the footprints up. She’d traveled the entire room, including under the bed.  Thank goodness it all came up off the very cheap Ikea laminate flooring we have in there.

She’s such a little trouble maker but we adore her. Thank goodness it was low-VOC paint so we weren’t too worried about it harming her.  I was able to clean her with a organic soap and water and the hubby was able to use the same on the floor.  Easy!

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